Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Wimbledon History, Wimbledon Tournament
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    Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Wimbledon History, Wimbledon Tournament

    Date Added: June 16, 2009 03:35:50 PM
    Author: G Rajesh
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    Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments •The tennis grand slam tournaments in Wimbledon, is popularly known as Wimbledon Championships •Wimbledon tournament is one among the oldest major grand slams in tennis When Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments Championship does take place? Wimbledon tennis tournament usually take place in between late June and July beginning. The Beginning of Wimbledon Tennis •“The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club” firstly initiated leading tennis tournament of the world. •This club was a private Club. •The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club were established in the year1868 with the name of “The All England Croquet Club”. •The initial ground of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was at Worple Road in Wimbledon. •During the time of 1875, Major Walter initiated a game named as a “lawn tennis", it was previously know as 'Sphairistike'. •Lawn tennis game was included in the list of activities of the club. •During the spring time of the year 1877, this Club was re-named as 'The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club' •It also justified the name by arranging first championship of Lawn Tennis in the same year. •Then new code of law was established for the new championship by the Marylebone Cricket Club. •Those rule and regulation became the time tested effort of the association and more or less it is similar till today only with the exception of few details like the distance of the service line from the net, and also height of the net and posts. •In the year 1877on 9th July, the first and foremost Wimbledon championship match was Singles of men. •Wimbledon championship match took place at a ground which is located near Worple Road of Wimbledon; •Victory was acquired by Spencer Gore. •Spencer Gore used to be the old Harrowing rackets player. •Spencer Gore was the player from a field of 22. •This event was witnessed by around 200 viewers. •Each spectator paid 1shilling for watching the final of the championship. •From the year 1882 Club was completely dedicated for the activities of lawn tennis and for this reason 'croquet' word was rejected from the name of the club from that year. •But then due to some emotional attachment with this word, that name was reframed as 'The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club' in the year 1899 and till then it remains the same. Story of Center Court in Wimbledon Championship Tournaments •The lawns of the Ground were organized very tactfully in order to place the principal court in the middle surrounded by others around it. •Therefore, addressing of middle court as the 'Centre Court' remained the same even after Club shifted to the current location in Church Road in the year in 1922. •However, in the year 1980 four more fresh courts were introduced to the commission with the placement of north side direction of the ground. •Therefore, Centre Court was once again defined properly. For more information go to “Altius Directory”.


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