General Recommendations on Studying English
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    General Recommendations on Studying English

    Date Added: January 31, 2011 01:06:20 AM
    Author: suybmit65
    Category: Education: Languages
    General Recommendations on Studying English

    The English language isn't just spoken in a great number of countries, but it's also considered to be international language. The majority of international business negotiations are held by means of English. At the present time not only businessmen having foreign partners take interest in studying English, but together with the progress of touristic industry and growing globalization even general people acknowledge the need to study this international language. 

    With the growing interest to learning English as a second language various techniques of education are also developing and new methodologies are being created.

    The methods of independent learning of English grammar are great in number. These are textbooks with detailed explanations of the use of grammar rules and training exercises, sites dedicated to learning the foundation of English grammar and improving language skills and so forth. In case you have already mastered some fundamental English grammar rules, it is strongly recommended to read original English books. It'll assist you in learning to think in English. 

    As a rule when we start studying the English language, to say something we first of all think about this phrase in our native language, then mentally translate it in English word by word, and only after that we can pronounce it. But it not just takes time, but in the majority of situations your sentence will be built in accordance with the rules of your language, but with the use of English words. 

    As soon as you begin reading English books in original, English sentences will appear in your mind without using this long scheme with mental translation. You will easily express your thoughts using English locutions.

    A good method to study English grammar is to subscribe to free e-mail sending at one of English grammar Internet sites. You will constantly get helpful information that will assist you in learning the English language. The most impressive thing about this free mailing is that you get entertaining materials that are not just cognitive, but interesting to read and to learn as well. Studying English grammar is fast and simple with the use of free grammar mailing.


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